Below are a few of the images I worked on for The Dam Keeper: Book 1 graphic novel while I was an intern at Tonko House. It was such an incredible experience working with Dice Tsutsumi, Robert Kondo, and everyone else while I was there. For the images below Robert Kondo provided the linework and layout for each image, and I painted the color, lighting, and rendering.
These are some examples of my work on Cars 3 while I was an Art Intern at Pixar (my time was split between this film and Coco). It was such an incredible opportunity and I learned from so many amazing artists while I was there. I worked on lighting keys, texture and material concepts, and assembled packets to hand off to artists down the pipeline. All of these designs for Cars 3 were done by other artists on the team, while the painting, shading, and rendering was done by myself.
It was such an honor to work on Coco and contribute to such an amazing film. One of my main tasks was to help design murals and wall art that could be used in the background of the Land of the Dead, and below are some examples. Many of these works are heavily inspired by historic Mexican artists.

More work to check out:

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